Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Wins

This is made of win.

And so is this.

And you can bet your bippy that this is.

That's right - last night we made another foray into Heroic Nexus for the best pre-naxx mace in the game, and it dropped. There were wipes a-plenty, and we had to break in a new tank that is just a wee bit on the squishy side (we're working on that), but the upshot is that we actually made it through all five bosses.

The mace plus Telestra's Journal give me a 200-point improvement in bonus healing over my staff, unenchanted. I think I'll keep it (And I didn't even think the journal was much of a healer off-hand, either, so that may get vastly improved).

One of our other priest's alts got the undead charger from Rivendare on his first try. Grimm's 0/19 now. Next time she rubs my nose in it, I'm whipping this baby out and saying, "Sorry, couldn't hear you over all the AWESOME that my War Mace of Unrequited Love gives off!".

Anyone looking at my armory profile might be surprised to see that I was mixing it up in Wintergrasp and actually got a few achievements along the way. This was not intentional, really.  I just wanted to go talk to the quartermaster. However, I can't just walk in there and not help out, so once the battle was joined, I joined the battle.

I've found a kind of zen when it comes to battlegrounds, and that is to not care. Don't worry about objectives or getting people to work together or anything like that. Just go out there and live in the moment. See a guy that needs heals? Heal him! See a hordie? Lay a few DoTs on him, and if he's foolish enough to let that pass, hit him with a few smites. I wracked up quite a few HKs in there from people that had no idea that a healing priest would get that ... shadow ... on thier ass.

The zen is kinda growing on me, so maybe I'll do that more.