Saturday, February 28, 2009

This and That

Various things, mostly housekeeping.
  • Gun Loving Dwarf Chick is retiring her blog. Blogroll updated. She's spending more time on her Priest these days. Odd, already comes up as a 404. OK, link removed completely.
  • While updating the blogroll, I realized I didn't have Leafshine: Lust for Flower in there. Oops. It's a fun blog to read, highly recommended for social and casual players alike. Not knowing Druids that well, I don't know if hardcore players would enjoy or not.
  • And another oopsie - failed to realize that I didn't have Chain Trap in there, now that he's retiring.
  • Yet another old timer leaving us: Resto 4 Life is shutting down. Don't know why, but I never realized I didn't have this one on my blogroll or in my reader.
  • Why the slipups on my blogroll? I do it manually. I have yet to find a blogroll plugin that does the job I want for categories and ties in to my Google Reader subscription list and lets me selectively exclude those that are inappropriate or I'm just not interested in giving links to (Yes, rather petty of me, but if someone fails to meet my poorly-defined standards, that's my business).
  • Saiph, my Gorilladin, dinged 80 last night.  I'm not sure if I'll keep him after 3.1 or not, for the simple reason that all Tenacity pets will have the Big Boom, and a Bear is somehow more appropriate for a Dwarf, I keep thinking.
  • I am 0 for 24 on the undead charger. I am also not giving up. Rivendare will drop that bad boy some day! I will not permit myself to search for the Spirit Beast until I achieve this.
  • I have no intention of changing out of BM spec at this time.
Um, OK, enough chatter. Gotta date with Rivendare.