Saturday, February 7, 2009

The road to 28 is paved with dead chickens

yar_portriat200By the Light, what an annoying morning!

The mission: to tame a chicken.

First attempt: some newb comes through and kills all the chickens.

Second attempt: When the chicken turns green, he comes by and kills it.

Third attempt: the chicken turns green, and a wolf attacks and kills it.

Fourth attempt:  Chicken reverts while I am getting chicken feed.

Fifth attempt: success! I have a pet chicken now!

Then I'm questing in Redridge. I've killed every murloc but one, and am fighting it right in front of a chest. Some newb runs in and loots the chest while I'm standing on it fighting the murloc.

Later, some rogue ninja-invites me as I'm about to take down Tharil'zun. We die because I miss a keystroke.  I accept the invite, we run back, we take him down - I think. I ask him if he got the head. He doesn't say, wanders, off, and dies.

The stupid is thick today.

outfitterAlso, I get worried when my addons start to drink. Especially without me.

Level 28 - two short of a mount. Elune be praised!