Friday, February 6, 2009

Ready, aim ... FIRE

I'm not sure Blizzard even knows what it wants to do with Warlocks quite yet, and the initial 3.1 patch notes somewhat confirm it.
Improved Shadow Bolt – this talent now provides a 5% spell critical strike buff (similar to Improved Scorch).
Well, this is nice (I think they meant debuff but We Get It). One complaint I have heard is that Warlocks are being forced into a fire spec. More on that in a bit, but any boost to SB is fine by me.
Improved Soul Leech – this talent now provides Replenishment (similar to shadow priests)
The problem is not that there is no MP5 gear or that priests burn through it too fast, the problem is obviously that there aren't enough mana battery bishes running around the place.


I can burn it and make it myself, why can't others?
Drain Soul now has a chance to produce Soul Shards even if the target doesn't die.
Interesting. I wonder if you can get more than one shard from one body? If not, it seems like just another sop to the poor suckers that can't count to 10 without a primer, and really I'm tired of rubbing elbows with them. They can go play DKs and we'll all be happy.
Siphon Life no longer as an active ability but the talent grants the old Siphon Life effect to Corruption.
This is interesting. I have to say I'm a little glad to have room freed up on the cast bar, though again I have to disagree with the whole "dumbing down the warlock" attitude over there.
Curse of Recklessness and Curse of Weakness have been combined into one spell
Lulwut - does anyone use either outside of PvP anyway? Please tell me this doesn't count as one whole change all by itself.
Several other warlock talents have had their ranks reduced, their effects changed or removed. This list includes but is not limited to Demonic Empathy, Shadow Embrace, Eradication, Suppression, and Pandemic.
Enter the Weasel. Basically, while five are listed (I actually liked Pandemic), the final number could be more or less, and we're not telling just now. Weasel weasel weasel MUSHROOM.
Additional new talents have been added.
Sigh. Thanks. That was helpful.

OK, so what do we know is being done to make Warlock more viable?  Well, not a whole heck of a lot. My initial assessment of 3.1 is "Sorry, Warlocks, you'll have to wait for 3.2 to be considered for raids again, except you won't since you won't have Naxx gear to take there."  If this is the extent of the changes they have planned for my class, I'm going to have to get used to sitting out a lot of raids some more, that's all there is to it. It's not like I'm quitting, going home, and being a librarian or anything. But it would be oh so nice to be part of the action.

Sigh. I guess I'll just hang out and relive the glory of my first Illhoof kill, and hope that there's a whole lot of hidden substance yet to come.