Friday, February 6, 2009

How good is good?

Finally got the final form of my rough Gear Plan up. It will be refined over the next few days as I categorize which instances offer the best bang for the gold piece, so to speak, and as I determine which item in each list is the ultimate pre-naxx place to be.

That's kind of an odd thing to consider. The items that remain on the list are all superior to whatever I have on at the time, but there is one of each that is better than the others. So the question comes to mind - do I focus down on one item in each class and go all-out for it, or do I accept the lesser options as stopgap measures to make the rest of the trip easier?

The most annoying thing is that they almost all require Heroics, and I have yet to complete a single Heroic, for whatever reason. On the postive side, getting the mats for Moonshroud clothing doesn't, and it is a big payoff.

What bugs me is the dearth of MP5 in items. You pretty much have to gem up to get MP5 in anything of use, and that is annoying.

Speaking of Heroics, we ended up not running any the other night as we had planned, because our GM's system is falling apart and we really don't have enough 80s on during weeknights to make it happen otherwise. Well, we'll get there.

How about those 3.1 priest changes, eh? Here are some observations, not necessarilly right or comprehensive.
  • First of all, it looks like it's a given that we'll be getting a talent refund.
  • Making [Divine Spirit] core to all priests frees up one talent point at least, which maybe means I can put more into the Holy tree.
  • An AoE shield? Wow, I wonder what sort of cooldown it will have, whether it will inherit reflective features, whether improved PW:S affects it, where the aggro goes, and whether its cooldown interacts with PW:S. Other than that, I am pleased.
  • Improved AoE healing all around! I wonder if the frisbee will bounce around the whole raid now? I <3 my frisbee. Holy Nova, useful? I wonder how the aggro mechanics will work.
  • I'm ... not sure what to think of Serendipity's changes. It seems a little complex in that it only procs off another spell. Given that Flash Heal is a weapon of choice for Disc / Hybrid types, but still ... I guess how much reduction will be key.
Of course, I'm still trying to find my way in the world, here, so my experiences may not even be relevant by comparison.

The bonus, of course, is that they're starting to talk about 3.1. Exciting!