Sunday, February 15, 2009


Dear Event Drama Llamas,

"Achievement" means it's supposed to be hard. While the random number generator does not favor your little nook of the world, that does not mark the Love is in the Air event as a "fiasco", nor does it justify petty name calling (BTW: WTF does "Wang Blue" mean outside of the Watchmen movie, anyway? Your guess is as good as mine, but looky looky, we got scatalogical, ain't we special).

If you insist on working my side of the street, please be aware that we have standards. While whining about Warlock nerfing or Ret Palli OP are barely legitimate, we generally require better subject matter and, well, skill on the part of the whiner (Note: memorizing the names of certain Blizzard employees and spewing them in a blog post does not constitute actual Skill, nor does merely generating page views. Thanks for playing, stick to the SEO career track, kiddo).

Since skill is probably not possible to fix, please limit yourselves to something that matters, at least within the limited scope of a fantasy RPG in a client-server configuration based on a RTS from the 90s. I mean, if you're going to crai about things not dropping, how about a little Flora love with regard to Tier drops?



PS: Try to have fun. I know that's an alien concept to some people, who view WoW as a second job, but please review Yahtzee's comments on that subject if Unclear On The Concept of Recreation and Fun, for I share similar if not identical views (WoW Insider worker bees are not excused since part of the job is understanding the difference).

PPS: I'm too lazy to post the Angry Baby picture. But it belongs here. Oh, yes.

PPPS: I'm very proud that I avoided all references to "big purple drake-shaped strap-on".