Friday, January 16, 2009

Your tears are ... somewhat sulphuric.

All right. The bitter cries of warlocks is starting to reach a crescendo of FAIL.

Not fail on Blizzard's part, though they rightly deserve our ire for rushing changes to production that shouldn't have gone past beta.

No, I'm talking about the people that have taken it on themselves to quit, kill thier warlock, or otherwise react in a completely unreasonable  manner to issues that I am confident will be corrected in due time.  "If Warlock isn't the best class, it's not worth playing." (In comments)  WHAT? Are you kidding me? Am I being punked? Is anyone really capable of being that lame?

Wait. Scratch that. I forgot who I was dealing with here.

You know, I'm really sorry they aren't the king or queen of the DPS roost now (To be honest, I don't think they ever were. But I'll assume all the hunters around them sucked). I'm sorry that their e-peen is wilted. That their robes lack that starch they had in BC.

Pffft. I kid! I'm not sorry at all. I'm a warlock. I like seeing people suffer. QQ moar, basement dweller. I need your tears to brew a cup of Tea of Despair to wash down my Scones of Damnation.


There are plenty of warlocks out there getting things done. They are the proof that, even gimped, the Warlock can be viable. So it's not EZ Mode any more. So you have to work, and research, and - Mammon forbid! - learn something about the dynamics of the new talents and spells. Right here, right now, it is not easy. But it can be done.

Will we end up on top of the charts? Hells no. We're gimped, baby! But you can continue to pull your weight and be part of whatever team you're in. Group effort, people.

If one busts one's evil ass, one will be appreciated as a contributor (And not to put too fine a point on it, but if you didn't bust ass before The Nerf, you can count on one thing - everyone noticed. Thus now they'll have no loyalty to you at all. I'd replace you, too, and maybe I wouldn't wait for a nerf as an excuse).

At this point, my biggest concern is that the changes that are needed may force us to re-learn - and maybe re-gear - all over again after whatever patch it is that things get fixed in.

Meanwhile: suck it up and deal with it. Wait it out. All will be put aright in its time.

And Blizz? Get on this. Seriously. Somebody's going to die if all those tears hits a high-voltage circuit. You want that on your conscience? (Don't look at me - I thought the sparks were pretty!)

You know what? I think this is a crucible. A crucible is used in smelting to rid a metal of impurities, of undesirable elements. This is what we are seeing. All the e-bayers and babies that can't be bothered to apply themselves to the class, are leaving. For a while, we as a class will be better off because all the EZ Mode kids will be off on their DoucheKnights playing Yoink and Lawl.

Go ahead, boys. Yoink all you like. I think that sums it up pretty well, in fact. :)

Meanwhile, Auntie Flora says that Affliction and SL/Felguard are both excellent leveling specs. The hardest part of Affliction is keeping tabs on 5-10 DoT-ed mobs running around crying about the pain behind their eyes. The hardest part of Demon is not pulling aggro off your Felguard (Some things never change). Both are viable and survivable, so go out there and kill things. As with anything that is not EZ Mode, you need to practice in order to excel.