Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not happy!

No, no, not more guild drama.

I'm having problems with healing.

Composition: MT is Prot pally, well geared. DPS is frost mage (our GM), a rogue, and a warrior (originally prot, respecced to fury later).

Instance #1: Heroic Nexus.

My first. Got to 2nd boss - the blood elf mage - and hit a wall. I'd be OK for the first cycles, but then I'd get overrun as our tank and melee DPS started hemorrhaging, then someone would die and we'd all get plastered by AoE courtesy the frost wench.

OK, let's admit that we're not ready for that yet, and go on to something easier.

At least I got my very first badge there.

Instance #2: Heroic Gun'Drak, Moorabi.

We're working on our GM's achievements, which means getting the Elder in GD's heroic instance. First, we tried Snake Guy, and after several tries managed to get him on a technicality. During the poison nova I'd be hard pressed to keep all the melee up - Elune help us if any of the ranged got hit as well.

Moorabi, though, has a vicious AoE that hits for increasing amounts of damage, stuns for 3 secs, and otherwise breaks the flow, and it doesn't seem to have a max range to it. This is playing hob with my timing, and getting the tank back to moderate health after one of these seems to take all my time before the next one is cast, when everyone  - including me - dies.

While this fight is partly a DPS race, the healz have to be on time and good, or it won't fly at all.

What have we learned?

Speculation from various quarters:
  • It's a gear issue.
  • It's a spec issue.
  • Stick to DPS.

Gear and spec are the best candidates for any constructive fixes. That last one I just threw in there because it could be true.

What I have observed is that I am not too great healing on the run, and that I burn through mana like a dwarf through Stout. The constructive approaches here are as follows.
  1. Mitigate mana consumption through higher MP5, mana pool, talents, and glyphs. That last one will be specific to certain spells. I cast two spells above others, so they will get the highest scrutiny. The others are potentially gear issues and may or may not be resolved by running non-heroic instances.
  2. Additional to the first: construct a gear plan, figure out where stuff needs to come from, execute.
  3. Investigate spec options that will improve healing without sacrificing too much survivability. Mostly this means I need to hang on to Reflective Shield, but I also want to hold on to Divine Spirit, though Improved Divine Spirit may go away. I also need to understand why nobody takes Spirit Tap except for me. Is it only useful in grinding?
  4. Run instances with friendly faces so as to get more practice. Practice.

Now, #3 may lead me to spec completely to Discipline. I don't really want to do that because I lose a lot on the Holy side of the house, but it may be worth it. Either that, or find a way to have my Disc cake and eat Holy CoH too.