Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'd do it again.

You're kidding me, right? OK, Grimm and most of the rest of the team have problems torturing mages to extract information. This is what separates mages from warlocks. My conscience is just fine, Mr. Grimmtooth Sir. I hang out with demons. Poking a mage with a stick is hardly going to make a pip on my freak-out-o-meter.

Oh, yes. I did it.

I'd do it again.

I gave him a few extra pokes just in case he was lying.

And one because it makes me giggle.

And I tried real hard to poke that pompous, smug git of a Kirin Tor mage with the thing, too.

After I extracted the information we needed, I handed the thing back to him and informed him that some day, it would be his turn.

I can see why so many Warlocks turn to PvP. Other people can be so annoying. You just want to ... remove them. I mean, seriously - too good to get his hands dirty? "Glad you came along Miz Warlock, I need one of you lesser types to get some work done around here while I dust off book covers." Getting someone else to kick arse is what they call "desperate measures" in the Kirin Tor. No wonder they hid in that bubble. Go back! We'll manage!

... sputter ...  grrr ...


In other news: Switched to Affliction once again. I'm not feeling the love there, either, although I can take on phenomenal numbers of mobs now.

I'm wondering if there's such a thing as a "SL/Destro" build. I <3 SL, but I also <3 DPS.

I also completed the Nexus. Well, kind of. I was missing two shards for the one quest, so I'll have to go back in for those.  Did not make the next level, thank you. Just too much going on, and the team is still feeling the aftershocks of the Great Jasra Uplift. I imagine things will settle down by next time I come up in rotation.

Filed under: "You didn't see this coming, did you?": Meta finally pried a crowbar into his wallet and sprang for a face lift. Finally after all that time I got rid of the addled cheerleader on meth face.  Personally, since Blizz pulled that face change thing without warning, I think they owe me a freebie, but good luck with that , Meta.

Still, it could have been worse. The two faces in the rotation after my old one are ... just ... well, they don't even use those for the bad guys. When Botox Goes Wrong. Mammon's smoking balls, those are ugly with a capital UG.

Just proof that no matter how scatterbrained your current face looks, it could be a whole lot worse.

It gives an extra 10 HPS: Is it just me, or have female Dwarf priest pigtails gotten ... twirlier? Our GM's priest was healing in OK the other night and I swear it looked like she was about to go airborne.

See you in a few days.