Friday, January 9, 2009

I can haz raidz naow? kthkxbai

I committed to getting to 80 as fast as possible so that our guild would be able to field a viable force for 10-man raids.

For several weeks, the team has all pitched in. Grimm hunted down items to DE. Amus organized and sorted various elemental bits. Illume actually retrained to learn how to inscribe. Flora contributed all her tailoring and enchanting items. And they all gave up cycles so that I could have as much time per day as possible, to achieve that level 80 achievement and be ready to heal the guild.

I consider my commitment fulfilled. Now it is the guild's turn. It is the guild's turn to produce a group to be healed. To produce leadership that is ready to go in and start a months-long slog like we've seen in Kara. To be there.

I - and the rest of Team Grimmtooth - did what was necessary to bring a healer to the playing field. Now, the team takes its rightful place until the rest of the contract is fulfilled. From now on, we return to our normal rotation. Everybody now gets a chance to be more than a support system for a priest. Everybody gets a chance to live instead of serve some obscure goal.

Now, it's not so much about getting there, but about how to best tweak my spec to meet further requirements down the road.

But for now ... I consider my commitment fulfilled. The next step is up to our guild. I'll be there for them. If we never raid again, so be it. If we do, I have teh healz. We're ready.