Monday, December 22, 2008

What is happening to the game?

I've seen it a number of times, and it makes me wonder: "Nobody CCs any more." (No, Rochelle, not picking on you. You were just the most recent one I'd seen saying that)

Remember when a five-man generally required at least one CC class to get through anything, and some (I'm looking at you, Shattered Halls) required two or even three CC classes?

Everybody had to be on the ball and know roles. Leaders marked targets, we didn't pull until everyone was ready, and hopping-in-place PvP fratboyz need not apply if they couldn't get with the program.

You had to be sharp, know your class, the fight, and your game, or you wiped.

Then your guild's Tankadin got geared well enough to where he'd just AoE pull everything in the room. No CC needed, generally - though we still got asked to help CC things in raids. Prot pallis became EZ mode for instances.

Now, everyone AoE aggros. Retadins. Fury Warriors. Hunter pets. Disc priests.

"Don't worry  about all that fiddly trapping and sheeping. Just let me get them all angry at me and AoE them down."

And with this change, has gone the need to play as a good team.  Or so it would seem.

Has it gone this way in the higher instances? I personally haven't gotten past the first 30% or so of instances in Northrend, but so far CC has not been required. Is CC obsolete in all intances? Am I missing something?

I guess we play it by ear for now before we take our CCs off of the action bars. But it's a ponderable, all right.