Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to 2009

Next year we get to make contact; so sayeth Arthur C. Clark.

A year ago I was wembling over how our guild might beat Maiden and Moroes, and celebrating our final addition, that being the lovely Yarley, our token Druid.  Of course, she wasn't the last, with Fai joining shortly thereafter (... and who is still not being all that talkative about her whereabouts) .

Today I am wondering if we'll ever see the inside of Naxx as a guild. I'm fairly content with "no" but the distress it causes others is ... distressing. Not to mention the white-hot hatred I feel for certain ... induhviduals.

At any rate, here's hoping for an  upward slope for the year to come.

All the best from myself, Flora, Jasra, Slithmere, Kutath, Orlee, Amus, Yarley, and Fiaella. May your lewt be epix.