Monday, December 8, 2008

Tougher than it looks

Last night was run-my-sweetie-through-Gnomeregan night. She'd never been, and had no idea how huge it truly is; I'd say that it's the first real epic instance in the game, except maybe Blackfathom. People rarely seem to do BFD, though.

There's a couple of things I didn't know about Gnomeregan that I found out last night. It's amazing what you find out when you aren't being dragged down railroad tracks. Of course, now I'm the dragger. Previously, I was essentially in drag, I suppose. And that should send shivers down your spine.

So - the things I didn't know. Right.
  1. I never realized that Vicious Fallout was considered a boss, or that he dropped [Hydrocane].
  2. I was not ware of Emi Shortfuse or her event, nor was I therefore aware of Grubbis. Grubbis is a nice little bit of Gnomeregan lore that fits in with the story of the Trogg invasion that triggered the downfall of the city. Alas, I wasn't aware that you could loot Emi's fireworks after the event.
  3. When Emi's explosions go off, even a level 80 will die.  /shame
One reason we were exploring was because I hadn't run it in such a long time that I couldn't remember the proper path, and we got mixed up on her cards. We pretty much took Thermaplugg out first, then backtracked to the clean room, then doubled back to get the cards again.

Interesting thing is that we got repops, and by that I mean, even the bosses. Even Thermaplugg. One of the guildies said that last time he was in there, the evil elevator(1) disappeared after he rode it down.

Sweetie didn't have the first part of Gnogaine cleared out yet so we will go back in to complete that, and take another shot at the Hydrocane while we're there. She did ding 30, so she's officially the first toon on that account to get a mount. /pride

My sweetie is doing things right. Sure, I'm dragging her through instances, but she's doing the work of getting the prelims together and working up to the right levels. She's not one of those stupid kids sitting on his butt in Stormwind using the /yell channel to spam WILL SOMEONE PLZ RUN ME THROUGH DM. And the guild is short on both toons and interest to run level-appropriate groups, and nobody should have to PuG with some moron who thinks "lulz" is the proper response to "what the hell did you just do?".

And yet seeing these places is essential for the lore. After all, she had no idea how big Gnomeregan was before this, now she does. She appreciates that Gnomes aren't just some annoyingly cute parasite hanging out in Ironforge. Now she understands the true scope of their story and their loss, as well as the popularity of the "restore Gnomer to the Gnomes" faction IRL.

As far as that goes, at some point I gave up trying to get groups together for old world content and just blazed through to the ultimate end. At least in Northrend I get a chance to share my experiences with contemporaries, but in the old world and Outland, there's so much I failed to see, let alone Flora, Jas, and Illume.

So far, it's a lot of fun.
(1) This story is a guild favorite. Young, level 26-ish I suppose, and getting drug through. Hit the elevator - saw my party take it down, but it started moving before I got there. I didn't realize how fast it was going and tried to jump off the ledge to catch it. I landed on it - losing 1/2 health - as it was already headed back up. Still running (I was in shock), I then went off the edge and landed in the middle of a pile of mobs. If that didn't kill me, the mobs did.