Friday, December 5, 2008

Just have fun

Somewhere out there someone just asked the question "what toon should I play today?" and got the response "your priest." Hope that person has one.

So, yes, the actual answer to the question of "what toons hould we raise next" is actually "your priest", rather than "what you enjoy playing the most", as it turns out, as our guild is short on healz above 70.  Grimm is still hogging time, but I'm in for follow-ups when he gets tired, or level 80 (Incidentally, our guild's first Level 80 happened two nights ago), whichever comes first, rather than Flora.

But we're not negotiating Grimm. It's not that he's favored over any others, but he's our mascot, our avatar, our brand, and honor dictates that he be there first. Just the way it is, especially in light of no pressure to do otherwise.

In all honesty, this would not be happening if Meta didn't enjoy the heck out of playing all the different toonsies. "Go with what you love" is a nice platitude that resonates with some, but Meta loves understanding things, and that often means getting hands dirty with all the different classes. A this point we collectively have endgame experience with 3 DPS and one healing class, and all are fun to play in different ways. And we have at least rudimentary understanding of all the different classes except DK, and we believe that this makes us all better players.

Blizz has designed every class to be fun.The game is full of things to do and enjoy. Limiting to one character is not the definition of "do what you love." Sometimes, seeing all the angles is as much fun as anything else, because it helps us all be better at what we do, and we prefer to be on top of our games, yes, we do. Being on top of your game is not a matter of gear, sometimes. Sometimes, it is situational, and how you react to the circumstances.

Understanding that rogues can spike DPS unexpectedly, for example, prompts one to keep a HoT on him whe he starts edging to the top of the aggro meter. Understanding a mage's or hunter's coping mechanism for high aggro helps you focus on healing what you need to. Knowing the mechanics of Palli AoE aggro means you know when to start and stop DPS, and so on. You don't just know these things, you understand them inherently.

And who doesn't like looking thier best?