Saturday, December 20, 2008

Isn't this a fine kettle of fish?

amus_port_200From the day I was old enough to pick up a weapon, I have trained towards the day I could confront those that have cost me and my people so much misery.

I have dedicated myself to the Light. I have learned to be proficient with any weapon within reach. I have trained to such an extent that I single-handedly worked my way halfway through both the Dead Mines and Shadowfang Keep before I turned 25.

I am a Soldier of the Light. Nothing can stand against me when I am full of righteous fury.

And yesterday, this Soldier of the Light ... was asked to serve his people by fetching milk and cookies for a bleary old corporate shill of a Dwarf on a three-day bender. He practically coughed up a hairball on my armor.

There are rare days - and this was one of them - when I consider why people actually side with Arthas against the rest of us. Things like this, bring understanding closer.

Milk and cookies.

Bah.  :: mumble mutter mumble righteous fury, my bum mutter mutter ::