Monday, December 15, 2008

Healz in the fast lane

As of this weekend, I'm the de facto "main" for the clan until I hit 80. There has been a general discussion that we have no committed healers leveling to 80. Well, here I come. See how I spam.

Today was my very first Northrend instance, and it happened to be a PuG. We were fortunate in that we only wiped twice (Once on the end boss, once was a stupid huntard trick) and besides that only lost one person. I'm told I did a good job, which thrills me to no end. I also got some nice accessories: [Sandals of Mystical Evolution] and [Band of Glittering Permafrost].

The whole conversation about the lack of healers in our progression group prompted one of our other healers to say he was shifting to shadow to level. This puzzled me and our GL's healer since we're neither one specced shadow and can both handle grinding just fine.  In fact I've soloed every quest in Borean, with one exception, and that's just because I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.  He claims I'm toting DPS gear rather than healing gear, but in fact there is no more healing gear, not since the 3.0 patch. Oh, I'll cop to the robe and the belt being DPS gear when I acquired them, but even then I knew that all +healz would be translated to +spellpower, so within that narrow confines, I have a hard time seeing where his conclusion came from.

The fact that I can apparently heal adequately doesn't bolster his case.  I think, really, he's still thinking in outmoded terms. Holy can't grind. Disc doesn't DPS. +Healz. That sort of thing. It's the sort of thing that makes you, when you see item A, conclude that it is a specific kind of gear, without actually looking at its stats.

When it comes right down to it, though, the fact remains: Holy hybrid, soloed Borean (even the Elites), is available for healing roles. Call me when you get that kind of mileage out of Shadow, but I think you'll find - as I did around level 50 - that there are better ways to do it.  A deep mana pool, fiendish regeneration, and an array of both healing and damage tools makes for an extremely hardy and playable priest.

All this sudden rush for Healz is of course predicated on the desire of our guild to raid. That may not be the case. There was - wait for it - guild drama last night, from the usual source, and it probably cost us a tank. The offending party then /gquit - for (by my count) the third time on his healing toon "to prove a point". The GL just pretty much got pissed about it and said that we weren't going to be running Naxx, then, since we can't seem to get healers raised up.

Personally, I approve. People need to learn that they can't cross a line without ramifications.  If it means that never see the inside of Naxx, so be it.  If the game is more enjoyable to all of us as a result, I don't even need to see the inside of an instance.