Monday, December 22, 2008

Doin it Gorilladin Style

This weekend I have been enlisted in the cause of getting greens for Jasra so she can DE them for eternal essences or something like that. Also: lots of runecloth. So I broke out Saiph, my Gorilladin, and started at Zul'Farrak.

I want to be very clear on this: BRK is right. The Gorilladin is a magical being. With him leading the way, ZF fell inside of an hour.

Sunken Temple took longer to figure out than complete.

Scholo was almost doable at 70 with a cat pet. At 80 with a 75 gorilladin, it was cake.

Tonight, Strat. Live side completed, but I couldn't get a crack at Rivendare. Finally our GM pointed out that I needed to clear all ziggurats as well as kill the bosses.  So, tommorrow: Rivendare. "Launch all zigs! For great justice!"

Jasra's annoyed - she's supposed to be the center of attention now. But I want Rivendare!!!

If I need to farm more, I'll hit DM, BRD, and LBRS in that order. Or if I need higher mats, then I'll give Ramps a try.