Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A couple of Dubya Tee Effs and one spiffy thing

While overall things are going well for me, there are a couple of things I want to share, because they could happen to you.

The Violet Hold

OK, this one is a lot like Black Morass, with a couple of twists. Personally, I think the design is flawed, but that isn't relevant to the problem.

There is a bug here, so listen up: if you cannot finish this instance without anyone dying, don't go in. Once the event starts, the doors are locked, and that means even when you're doing a corpse run. So if your healz die, you're screwed.

Blizz knows about it. Hope they fix it soon.

Wrath Gate

The first WTF is mine - for some reason I though the rescue-the-villagers quest was a very annoying daily and skipped it - and thus missed out on 99% of the quests for that quest hub, including the Wrath Gate ones.

So I went back, and got that out of the way, and got to the point that I addressed Fordragon, and started the quest, and .... BOOM. WoW dies - "memory error" it says, but I noticed that just before that, it hit the DVD drive. I'm guessing it was looking for the cinematic there or something. So maybe you need to make sure the DVD is in before starting this quest.

When I logged back in, the quest was over and I had the follow up to take care of.

Apropos of something, I think Wrath is taking up WAY too much memory. I've 2G and I'm seeing the HD light up like a Christmas tree when I zone. I'm upgrading to 4G, so maybe one of the other toons will get to see the spiffy cut scene.

At least I got to go watch it on Youtube. Sigh.

Update: Tuna has a handy tip in the comments. Thanks!

And here's something spiffy

One of the follow up quests involves a diplomatic mission to Orgrimarr. When you do it, and if you are Alliance, don't take the portal back. Go out into town and go fishing. Then go solo Ragefire. This is a gimmee for the Fishing Diplomat quest, and getting all instances done. I imagine the Horde has a similar mission that will get them to the Stockades, but I can't say for sure.

I failed on the next follow up. Pro tip: don't go into UC until the King arrives, then stick with him like glue. Seriously - you're not a player in this event, you're just tagging along for the quest. King Wrynn will not be playing by your rules and neither is Proudmore.