Monday, November 17, 2008

Wrath Weekend #1

OK, I admit it, we went a little crazy this weekend, but it was the fun sort, mostly. So, where to begin?

First of all - Borean Tundra is almost cleaned out now. I have the Overcharged Capacitor one to finish (Waiting for a price break) and the Nexus ones, and some of the DHETA ones to finish up. Plus one or two miscellaneous ones. However, the upshot is that I've gotten most of this place done. It's funny, the one that points me to the next zone must be in what's left.

I have obtained level 72 and maxxed out my rested XP status, so I am turning over to Flora as I tire out. That is an unusual thing.

To date, I still haven't found anything other than that ring as an upgrade, though GHETA came close until I saw the base DPS.

Random has been retired to Head of Security at Casa de Grimmtooth, and has taken to retirement with gusto. Long naps, warm sunspots, roaring fires, and tummy rubs when he's not busy chewing up intruders. In his place, we now have Saiph (Also known as kappa Ori), the Gorilladin of my dreams.

Seriously, who knew that Hunters would be able to AoE grind? He's still two levels below me and is almost unstoppable with regards to aggro generation. He's an amazing beastie. Couple that with the fact that Volley no longer has a cooldown and can crit, and you have the recipe for lots of lovely XP. I am very pleased. The only down side is that BRK will become a jot more smug, since I'm sure he gets a jolt every time someone acknowledges that he was right about this.

Tonight I should be close to done with the Tundra and on to the Basin. Later!