Friday, November 14, 2008

A thwacking was delivered to everybody's satisfaction

Meta took an early day to get us started on the road to Northrend - got the next to last copy of Wrath from the local Target, and headed home to install. The wife was much amused at the twitter-off between me and our GM as we both tweeted our progress. Best moment: she tweets "Not enough space on my HD to install!"  Insert the Sound of Ultimate Suffering there. That probably gave me the edge I needed, though, as I managed to log in (And out, and back in - as recommended by Blizzard) before she did. For once, I win in the geek-off between me and her (Not to worry, she has me on so many fronts this is at most a form of ceremonial parity).

The choice of toon was not really that difficult to make. I did ask if there was a preference from the GM. She responded "Whatever is the most fun." (Ouch. I so deserved that) I responded that all 4 of my 70s roxxor, so I had no preference, to which crickets responded. Choice made by default - I am my own favorite.

Since I started so early, I was able to get a good amount of work done, but only on those quests that didn't require access to very scarce resources, such as unique mobs and the like. The first days of Quel'danas come to mind, where every Blood Elf mana-head and confused sentry drone was pounced by multiple attackers every time one spawned. As one person put it, "Imagine Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving".

My starting area of choice was the Borean Tundra, because it has Rhinos! (More on that later)

Some of the quests just shine with stupidity, though. One of the "infiltrators" you have to kill is also a vendor, which means that when you go for this guy, you not only have to compete against others wanting to ninja him, but also you risk cheesing some poor huntard trying to buy meat for his pet.

Pets - All of mine are up to 70 now - Rigel the stompasaurus, Random the white kitty, and Coral the orange kitty. Now I have to decide which cat to keep. I went through an awfully long training cycle with Coral, but Random has been my faithful companion ever since I was 50-ish.  One of them has to go to make room for as-yet-unnamed-gorilladin. I'm thinking Random will be retired, given the task of guarding the Grimmtooth estate from pillagers (Surprisibus! Surprisibus! - that so slayed me the first time I saw it (around 3:08 for the relevant gag)) And, finally, I have a new pal, Bellatrix the Rhino.  Yes, I can haz Rhino Bowling now.  Bel is just getting her feed under her, as it were, but I look forward with great anticipation as mobs fly through the air at her behest.

Quests - We gots 'em. I dropped almost all of my quest log as no longer relvant, though I would sincerely like to finish off my Nightbane quest line. It's just lame not being able to start that quest myself. That aside, at this point my quest log is almost full again. I've found most of the quest hubs in the Borean Tundra, and one or two have been cleaned out. The Murloc one is just priceless. If it weren't for the fierce competition I'd've gotten some screen shots, but there was no time to dilly-dally around.  Rescuing Murloc tadpoles is just about the most fun you can have with a murloc - with or without armor - that is possible, is all I'm saying.

Trade Skills - Oh my, the cost of Grand Master training is a killer! Unfortunately, one of my favorite addons - Advanced Trade Skill Window - totally locks up the game now, so I've had to get rid of it for now.  I'll be watching for updates. (Hmmm... on the link, the author explains the issue and recommends a workaround. OK, I'll give it a shot)

Instances - Late in the night, our GM pulled together a final run into The Nexus (this was her third), with one warlock on a PuG who was competent enough but unable to outshine our mighty DPS (our GM of course pwned my arse). We wiped twice, once on the 2nd and once on the final boss, but now we understand the fights and may be able to deal better in the future.

Gear - So far I've vendored everything I've gotten, except for one ring (Is this a homage to The Scout Report? That would be cool). Anomalus does drop a nice pair of boots that I'd like a crack at, though.

At this point I am around 2/3 of the way to 71. Sure, I'm no power-leveller. But I'm enjoying the scenery, that's for sure.