Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not compensating, are we?

Some meta stuff first.

First of all, note that today in Meta's land is a holiday in which we give thanks for what we have. We are all very grateful in that regard. The fact that meta has a job that allows him to indulge in this sort of thing is great, and his understanding spouse that not only tolerates it, but also participates. What a woman. Also, while we'd like to say we're going to be grinding like it's going out of style, we're in fact going to be cooking up the traditional feast - because, thankfully, we can feast. Not everybody is so fortunate.

Second of all, a note to my friends in the spammer community: it is most kind of you to provide a link for me to use to remove myself from your list. It's very grown-up of you to admit that it is spam. I can remember a time when spammers sued people that called it spam.  So I do appreciate your efforts to meet me halfway. But, as a hunter, the law of the wild prevails. I take comfort instead in knowing that every spam you send my way saps your resources just a little bit. It all goes to the bit bucket. Give up. Really.

Finally ... anyone seen Fiaella lately? She said she was going to work on some exploration achievements to the north, but we haven't seen her since then, and she didn't make the team meetup in Southshore.

Okay, so moving on!

I've moved on from the Grizzly Hills to Zul'Drak, where you might recall I learned how to make heavy frostweave bandages. This is a dreary place in dire need of dressing up or a fresh coat of paint, but mostly that's because it's being overrun by Scourge, and we all know they are a monotonic sort.

There are some things that I could read up on but I am going to set aside and just experience as they come along, such as this guy.  He has the look and bearing of a Titan or one of thier creations. Puts Ironya to shame. Sorry, toots.

A very interesting quest line from the Ebon Watch. Yes, working for Death Knights, isn't that special. One of the death knights had an interesting name. Really, she should have been a gnome. But I can't help but believe that this a reference to a certain overachieving mage.

The reason for the questline was the fact that I was apparently being personally targeted for undeath by the Scourge. So our DK friend decided to take advantage of the situation and fake my undeath.

The quest line involved a disguise as a zombie and reporting to a former troll in the necropolis overhead, carrying out quests for the Scourge and reporting back to the Death Knight.  This eventually lead to a confrontation and showdown between myself and the zombie troll. I didn't kill him though.

Instead, the Lich King did.

Yep, just as we were about to take him down, Arthas shows up and talks a little trash, then strikes him down for being such a screw-up who apparently can't guard against a mere dwarf such as myself - thankyouverymuch. After taking a few moments to threaten me personally, he heads off.

Let me tell you, he's a lot taller than I expected. And, incidentally, Frostmourne isn't quite the badass-looking blade I was lead to expect, either.  In this guy's mitt, it looks like a dagger. On the other hand, the 13,000,000+ hit points kinda gives him some badass cred.

The ultimate quest reward was my first clear-cut upgrade. Up until now I've replaced a couple of rings, but the Choker of the Betrayer is a clear-cut winner. Well. Took me to level 75 to get a quest reward that rewarded. I guess the concerns of the min/maxxers was a bit unwaranted.