Monday, November 10, 2008

I had a dream

Two nights ago, I tendered my resignation as an officer in our guild, on behalf of the whole team.  I had been contemplating this as one route to getting the fun back into the game, but it wasn't until I dreamed of doing it three nights in a row that I realized just how badly I needed to.

I have not quit the game. I have not left the guild. I may - now that I don't have to listen to the profane and petty bitchings often present in officer's chat - resume raiding and instances again. I may possibly even buy the expansion on LK-day; I still haven't decided on that.

What does leaving as an officer do for me, anyway?

First and foremost, I am now able to - without guilt - mute anyone that is taking away from the game. So if one of our two star whiners start wailing in guild chat about how they've been nerfed to the ground (See previous comments about cookie-cutter players), I can simply put them on a time-out.  Granted, the need for doing so will annoy me as well, but I have to have something.

Second of all, those same people tend to pollute officer's chat with toxic comments about everybody else, and of course they use officer's chat as a place to whine - about specs and other players - as well. The actual start of the downward spiral, as far as I am concerned, was when I called one of them on it ("You can't stand V**** in guild chat so you start doing the same thing in officer chat and this helps ME how?"") and he responded that since he had been playing for so long he was "entitled to it."  I swear on the Light itself, those words actually passed his ... lips. Fingertips.

Our GM has asked if she can do the demotes late at night, and I agee to that - I don't want to cause more drama. They will all eventually realize what is happening but hopefully it will be a done deal for several days or weeks.

She did ask me why. I was blunt, but truthful. I named names. I knew nothing would come of it not because I have no faith, but because the main culprit is a RL friend of hers, and sometimes you have to put up with your friends. I know how it goes. But he's not mine and I don't have to put up with him, bottom line. So the air's cleared there.

In other news ...

Saturday the guild ran Kara, as is the guild's nature to do so, and completed it in two hours, even with all the servers coming down in the middle of it. I wasn't on at the time, but found about this after the fact.  The GM called for me for a second run after they took a brief break. I was a little nervous, not having a whole lot of healing practice and certainly none in a raiding environment.

Well, we cleared it again. I got several nice items, including the Mindblade (Flora is weeping.), lots of Violet faction, and the achievements associated. Also a Batling.  I did blow it - massively - on Maiden, but the other priest (the GM) managed to keep everyone up.  We did lose our Ret palli a lot, but I have to say that maybe that's because he wasn't watching his aggro more than anything else. When he drops 80% in 2 seconds, there's probably a reason.

I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop in Northrend when I hit some real healing challenges.