Sunday, November 23, 2008

And I even like the color

This here's my bear.

Ain't he got flair?

It's mah bear.

Yes, somebody made it to Daleran yesterday, and after mugging Flora for some change, I purchased my new favorite transportation medium. Oh, she can gripe all she wants, but when all is said and done, she'll get a flying carpet. For me, this is it without some serious faction grinding.

I've completed the Nexus quests now, so I can move on if needed. Last night we went with a pally tank so I broke out my new trick - Hunter AoE. I was able to stay on top of the charts against one of our heavier damage mages when AoE was on the menu - a least, for a while. We were pretty much neck and neck for the whole thing. Even though she's 3 levels lower, she still has been the DPS queen, so even getting close is an achievement. And I haven't even tweaked for my final build.

The cooking dailies look very interesting and I look forward to trying the new system out.

Flora got a new polar bear cub to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of WoW. I had understood that it would only be awarded to four year vets, which none of us are, but apparently everyone is getting one. It's a shame, those that have stuck with the game for four years should be recognized.

My sweetie suggests that next year, a spectral tiger cub would be ideal.