Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You never forget your first time.

What with all the achievements available out there for simply running around and looking at things, there are a few that stand out, such as the "LEEEEEEROY ..." achievement. This achievement is, indeed, a tribute to the infamous video. It requires you to go to the scene of the crime and reproduce Leeroy's famous faux pas, only without all the dying.

For you, anyway.

For the whelps, it's a different story. You are required to take out 50 of the little fellas in 15 seconds or less.

Well ... mission accomplished.

This is my very first Title, ever. I don't think there is one that would have pleased me more, either. As the guild's keeper of the Huntard Hat, Leeroy is in many ways my spirit guide.

I am: Grimmtooth Hussein Jenkins.