Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wait, what?

Last night was my first Kara run since the patch, and, well, forever in general. I was looking forward to it, really, because I wanted to see how my new spec r0xx0red s0xx0rs and laid down the smack.

It was an interesting night.  My personal DPS hovered around 900, much higher than expected, though our guild's resident mage diva topped me by a sizable margin, in the 1100 bracket, with an Arcane spec. Nevertheless, as you can imagine, I am rather excited by the results, especially since there were ... things happening that took me off target from time to time, such as ... well, more on that later.

In Moroes, Random tanked Brave Sir Robin, who broke from his trap because ... well, moe on that later. But the kitteh! He r0xx0red! He boxxored! I tossed healz at him occasionally but otherwise kept pumping pain into the fella, and he dropped. That was amazing.

Maiden claimed her traditional Dorf sacrafice (Hi.) and went down like stocks after the bailout bill failed. Opera was Oz, nothing of consequence there.

We ended the night at Curator; he went down just after he came out of the first evocate. Probably would have been faster but some people forgot how to play or something and left me and one other person to finish off the last flare before turning onto Curator himself. But no matter. That was rediculous. And pretty cool.

OK, so about that thing ... right now I have this macro for pulling into a trap.

/cast distracting shot

Pretty simple, yes?

That last part isn't happening. So when I pull, autofire kicks in. Because of this, I'm breaking my own traps. This needs attended to. To the target dummies!