Thursday, October 2, 2008

:: Stomp :: Huff :: Growl ::

Last night I got asked by a guildie to help down Murmur in a PuG Heroic SL, so I did. The tank was obnoxious, repops were happening. Not happy making. On top of that: first time I've done Heroic Murmur, slightly different fight.

Naturally we wiped on first attempt.

Him: "Next time be sure to get out of the ring instead of sitting around with your thumb up your ass."

Me: "That's not my thumb, and it's not up my ass, either."

Seriously - almost dropped the group right there.

We perservered and downed him on the next attempt, though.   And what dropped? [Spaulders of Oblivion], that's what! With the right gems, they could be a mostly upgrade for me, too. So of course, I rolled NEED.

Stuff was handed out.  I looked, and no shoulders in my bag. So I looked back through the log, and find that someone else "needed" them. And won!  And that person ... was a Boomkin.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhh (Sound of ultimate suffering.)

I so much want to post a link to his armory. Oh look. He's not even wearing them.

What a jerk.