Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some thoughts on Spec

I'm sure that my spec is off the wall and that I'll need to adjust something before all is said and done, which means I blew a free respec, but hey ho, I don't care. I just don't.  Last night was all about getting back into the game, and having a good time. Mission accomplished in both cases.

Now I need to think it out and strategize.


First of all, it appears that Omen has undergone another rev, this time with far less fanfare, pain, indignity, weeping, or lamenting. It looks like a solid upgrade. Looks like he listened and changed the UI to something people were happier with. We shall see.

The one that upset me the most though is Talented. I had just started using it a month or so ago and was kinda getting used to it. But with the new changes to pets, this addon fell over and died. It wasn't that it wa blowing up. No, it's that it didn't have a tab for pet talent trees. Hopefully that gets resolved.

Lookit him go!

Rigel is a joy to behold. We went romping around Q'D, Hellfire, and other places taking 2, 3, even 4 on at once. He leveled and didn't go down even once.

One thing that concerns me is that there are now a huge number of pet skills, comparatively, more than the pet bar can hold. I think that the spells that are not visible are still proccing, but it's hard to say. Just in case, I moved Growl out to the bar to make sure it was functioning.

Spec Spank

I am going to be lost on spec for a while, but I have seen what an ineptly put together spec looks like (mine) and it didn't suck. It follows that if I make a good spec, it won't suck ... less. Whatever.

Aspect Mastery makes things really interesting ... well, what they did to aspects in general. Aspect of the Viper, for example. I know a lot of people said it was nerfed. I don't see that. I almost refilled my mana bar in 20 seconds, with a mild reduction in damage. Then I switched back to Hawk and life was groovy. Call that a nerf if you like, but the passive regen isn't nearly as interesting to me as the in-combat, as any hunter that has lasted through a full boss battle can attest. In the past, for a boss, I would switch to Viper and stay there. Now, I'll have to work harder, but I'll hit harder, too. Win! Well, I need to see this in a raid.

But the whole aspect thing is really interesting for raiding. As I said, in the past I have done what I can to mitigate mana issues on bosses. Now, if Viper works the way I think it will, I can get all my mana back in 20-30 seconds, then switch back to Hawk.

So that means that Improved Aspect of the Hawk becomes interesting. It would be nice to figure out a spec where I can have that and the talents I need from Marksman. I need 14 to get everything I need from that tree, so if I can still have extra to put in IAotH, I'm game. The proc is what I am looking for here. Totally worth it.

Pet Talents

Pet Talents are a complete mystery for the moment regarding which ones are best to have. The big problem, as mentioned elsewhere, is that there is not enough room on the pet bar for all of them. However, you can mitigate this by putting a few on macros and putting those on regular spell bars, such as Growl toggle on/off.  I am going to have to play with this. Foshizzle, though, Rigel sure seems to like what he's got.


Glyphs of interest. Jotted down for later. This sort of thing will have to do until a decent guide is up.




For hunters, this patch is an unmitigated success. We're a bit OP now ... we're going to need to get to Northrend STAT or our heads are going to make us fall over. I hear that about a lot of classes now. The new talents are crazy! But I like them!