Monday, October 20, 2008

Some real numbers to work with

All righty then.

Last night I was asked to come along for Heroic Mech, so I saddled up and headed for Netherstorm. I was eager to get some real numbers on my new spec in a live environment, and a Heroic was a good place for it.

Our GL's frost mage was there as well, so I had a great benchmark to work with. Just prior to the patch, she and I were neck and neck for damage output, with me maybe edging ahead. So now we get to check my new OP-ness against hers.

Change #1: My pet stayed out and did its thing. In this case, my Fel Hound, and his thing is Fel Intellect. His damage output was decent if not glorious.

Change #2: Of course, moar dots. In the past I have been the Queen of Shadowbolt Spam, but with an Affliction build that just isn't viable. So my rotation looked like one of these:
  1. (Trash) CoA, SL, Corruption, Haunt, then SB spam and maintain the others.
  2. (Boss) CoA, SL, Corruption, Immolate, UA, Haunt, and then SB spam with maintenance.

On reflection I am seriously considering removing Immolate from the rotation. It's a slow cast, is done before CoA, and Shadow's my thang.

I'm also trying to figure out how to shake some points loose to reduce cast time on SB. 3 seconds is forever. There is no way I can do useful burst damage with that, which is important in places like Curator.

So anyway, the numbers?

I am now, as an Affliction lock, just a jot lower in DPS than I was as a Destro lock pre-patch, which means I am lightyears ahead of where I was as an affliction lock pre-patch.

In comparison to our GL, she's far ahead of me by at least 300 dps.

So can I make it work? I think I can. With practice I'm sure I can tack an additional 100dps on. While not top-tier DPS, it does give me a good cross between solo, PvP, and raiding. And talent reallocation may help even more.

After all, it's less than a week after the patch. It is going to take a while for people to get used to the new builds and to find the best combos.

For myself, however, I am satisfied with the data enough to say that if pressed, I could very much go with an Affliction spec full time.

Late this week will be my day again, and at that point I will respec Demon and evaluate what a roughly shod build in that tree looks like.