Thursday, October 16, 2008

A /Salute

I started writing up a big ranty thing earlier, about all the negativity that some people feel compelled to bring out at the drop of the hat, especially if it makes them somehow look like mavericks bucking the trend of enjoyment that others are feeling.

So how was I going to come back at it? More negativity, because, golly gee willikers, that sure does help, doesn't it? Yep, naming and shaming. Was your reaction to the barbershop a dire warning about RMT? I was right there rubbing your nose in it. Dislike warlocks having a blast with Illidan-form? I point and sneer. Hunters getting stompy with exotic pets got you down, friend? Your tears are delicious.

I pulled out of that though. I see no reason to make it worse by bringing embarassment to people that are maybe not having a good day, or week, or year or whatever. I don't care that they are incapable of having fun, for whatever reason. What's important that we unload that baggage.

I tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'm going to make it real clear who the ones are that make the online WoW community a lot of fun. Like Big Red Kitty and his irrepressible good humor and excitement over the goodies we Hunters got this time out.  Or Hydra's wide-eyed innocent look as she burns things down with fire and beams all sweetness and light. Mania's hard work and impeccable professionalism in producing one of the handiest hunter sites out there. Ratshag and his amazing stories (Regardless.) . Ego and her hard-hitting, pragmatic, helpful views on healing.

These, the good, always readable WoW blogs, will be featured over there to the right.

The ones that don't pass muster ... will either be moved to the links page only, or they'll just disappear. I don't believe in rewarding that sort of thing with even the meager pickings that traffic here provides. I don't care if you are an esteemed, established, credentialed gaming blogger; if you insist on being  a drag, you're going away.

To the rest of you: thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for keeping it real.