Friday, October 24, 2008

On Griefing

Bet you thought I was going to talk about the Zombie event, didn't you? Wrong!

Well, not right away, anyway.

No, actually, last night we got griefed by our own.  We were in Kara, doing what we do in Kara, and of all things, the Chess event borked. Half the raid DC'd in the middle of the event. Now, I was King Llane and if I had been thinking, I would have let them kill me and then we could have started over. But I had the wrong mindset going, pushed through, and bravely finished the event. Naturally, the half that DC'd couldn't loot.

This inspired loot drama, ruining the whole evening for everyone.

So ... fellow guildies that acted like brats? Thanks for being total downers. Maybe I'll raid again in the next month, and maybe I won't. Seriously. It's just a game; if you can't be arsed to remember that, I don't want to be around you. On top of that, you caused my friend some misery, and that terribly annoys me.

I am around 45% convinced that if I posted a MOTD cancelling Kara 1 for "mental health reasons" that the GL would be pleased at the opportunity to get away from the whole affair for a few days. I am also 35% convinced that one of the main perps would up and /gquit, causing more stress. I hate having to deal with "special" people. Get a rock band. THEN you can be a Diva.
Kara 1 Canceled for mental health reasons; plz leave drama @ home, kthxbai

On the plus side: DPS around 920s, and I'm not convinced I'm as tricked out as I need to be. For example, I haven't even used Tuskbreaker yet, since getting it from ZA.

On other griefing topics: I have heard that a lot of people are getting into griefing their own faction, and get upset when people cure their zombie-ness. These people need to either (a) roll a Horde undead if they like being a zombie so much, or (b) go grief Horde instead of their own faction.

Jas says she'll be hanging out in Westfall for a while, relishing every griefer's curses with glee. Your tears are delicious to her, zombie freaks.