Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh noez, it's me!

Remember that post I made not too long ago about negativity and how some people can't seem to post anything but negative stuff all the time?

Well golly gee, it's me!

Not that I had myself in mind when I wrote that, but over the past few days you've seen karma working its magic. As a result, I've become my own worse enemy. I still feel I had a valid reason to be unhappy - as many are - with what is going on, but some counterpoints to all that negativity are really needed, such as:

Things to do while waiting out the zombie plague

  1. Obtain "explorer" rankings in all zones you can reach. 
  2. Complete all instances that you can in order to gain the achievements for them, too. 
  3. You gatherer types stock up on crafting items! 
  4. Form a palli/priest/shammi/druid posse and establish "safe zones" in the capitols, and then spam /yell about it to frustrate the griefers! "Come to the bank for protection!" 
  5. Chase necropolii around! 
  6. Farm motes! 
  7. ...
The list goes on and on. Point being, there are things to do out there, if you're high enough level and willing to trade death for tedium.

So, sorry for the QQ. This thing really irked me and I guess the griefers really did win since I gave them exactly what they wanted - my delicious tears.

Meanwhile, in the news:
  1. There are around 8 or so new bosses in various instances, good for only a few days, so go get them!
  2. The Argent Dawn now gives out quests related to the invasion, plus if you wear your Argent Dawn trinket, you will get scourgestone drops.
  3. Oh, and hey - the plague ends today. Tigole has confirmed.