Saturday, October 25, 2008

A lot is happening

The Scourge invasion has really annoyed a lot of people, to the point that they are quitting or thinking of quitting. There are times when I wonder what they are thinking at Blizzard. As an example, you would have to be living in a cave not to realize that there is a very large chunk of the population that consists of a bunch of immature jerks that enjoy making other peoples' lives miserable above all things.

And Blizzard gave them the tool to do this with great effect.

The only way Blizzard can repair this faux pas in my mind is to reveal later down the road that the more times you got zombiefied, the less effective you are against Scourge for some predetermined amount of time. Oh, that would steam the griefers, but it would without a doubt redeem Blizzard in my eyes.

Meanwhile, the event moves on. Amus sent me this striking photo of a Necropolis outside of Ironforge, and he also saw the same outside of Stormwind. Things are moving.

With the expansion 18 days away, I hope they get the event done with so they can go about stabilizing things before they have to deal with that impending disaster.

Yes, I am a dreamer.