Monday, October 13, 2008

I am 70, and (maybe) an actual healer!

Well, let's not beat about the bush. I finally made it to level 70. I popped the numbers as I was completing some Kirin Tor quests in Netherstorm.

The guys were kind enough to pose with me to celebrate the moment. Not such bad fellows, for dead guys.

My very next step was to get my flying mount. Now, maybe it isn't important for shadow priests, but for us healbots, white is probably the only way to go.  So, say hello to "Snowflake".

On my list of things to do is to do each instance in Outland with the intention of collecting as much healer loot as possible, then go back to those that have things I absolutely need. Last night I got a chance to get Shattered Halls out of the way. Sadly, nothing good dropped, and the quest rewards were not much to write home about either. Unfortunately, hybrid specs are hard to shop for.

Our tank asked if we could get together and do Heroic Ramps afterward, intending Flora or Grimm or Illume to come along and CC. I opened my mouth and said that if I came, we could go as-is. Everyone was very dubious about this, including myself, but we were willing to try it out.

We died many times, and at least two were due to my healing not being up to snuff. A couple of others had to do with me pulling aggro during the pull, and the rest were just plain bad pulls (two groups instead of 1, and so on).

But here's the thing: to my surprise, I got complimented on my healing by a couple of party members. That just completely made my day, and resolves me to do even better!

My main concerns now are +healing and mana regen. I'm going to wait for the patch to see what is available for hybrids, as I don't think pure Holy is going to fly. I'm also puzzled that nobody likes Spirit Tap. It's + mana! I noticed its absence immediately after I repecced pure Holy.

Speaking of patches: see you on the other side. It's been a nice game.