Friday, October 10, 2008

A Huntard Practicing His Craft

Regardless of the rumors and grumbles and outright whinges out there, there do not appear to be too many hunters on, at least, Alleria. Our raid leader has had some serious trouble getting hunters for the T4 25-man instances.

Now, I have not been too interested in 25-man content, to be honest. I've gotten kind of soured on raiding due to some individual contributions to my mood by ... individuals. So I've been keeping myself to myself, letting Jas hog the CPU, and keeping it real in the World's End.

A Bad Day

Occasionally, though, I gets talked into it. Thus was the case last week when I got called to do Hunter stuff in Gruul's. My job on Maulgar was to share Hunter Tank duties with another guy; we'd take turns getting turned into wee frogs and hoping we didn't wander into something painful. Eventually, due to heavy churn, we ended up with a boomkin tank and my main task was to misdirect Maulgar to the tank.  Well, we sucked, and the high churn rate was due to that. Add that to my several reasons for not caring to represent for 25 mans.

Could be another bad day

Last night Jas hollered at me and told me they were wanting my dwarven butt in Mags.  Naturally I don't turn down invites except in the direst of circumstances, and we're not even close to there yet. I know they'd been in there for a while, so I queried as to why, and was told they needed a hunter for Misdirect. One pally, tanking two adds, but spread out so we needed some way to glue the second one onto him.

Right, then.

To be perfectly honest I was inclined to drop the group after the first five minutes. The raid leader in this case was not a guildie, and he was a complete jerk. Our own raid leader is, too, but he's a lovable, huggable jerk. Well, I know how perceptions work, so I rode it out. As long as it wasn't directed at me it was all general noise.

And I got me an education.


By all accounts, from some seasoned veterans, this was one of the smoothest Magtheridon raids they had run. We went around the room and took out the adds, I laid traps when asked, otherwise layed down the smack.  Then we got to Mags himself, and we proceeded to slowly drag him down, avoiding the cave-in when it happened but otherwise doing the pew-pew.  As far as I was concerned, we one-shotted him, though I don't know how many false starts they had.

I did lose the roll for my T4 piece. Ah, well. Only my 2nd Mags, after all.

On to Gruul

Afterwards, there was talk of going to Gruul's. I was not enthusiastic, but unless they had a ready replacement, I wasn't getting out of it gracefully. So, we went in and I prepared for the long, drawn-out death rattle of a dying raid.

I was wrong.

Our assault on Maulgar was a success after one false start (the mage tank went down). I was given Maulgar misdirect duties, which I carried out with success. I remembered not to put my cat on the Ranged add, and so spared him. I avoided noob mistakes, as far as I can tell, which is probably worth a bit in this environment.

Gruul was new for me. I've heard of cave-ins and all before, but this was the first time I got to experience it first hand, and, yes, I died like a noob.  But we as a team succeeded. Gruul went down with 8 of us still standing.

I got the tier piece off of Gruul, not that it does anything for me, but it's good to say I have one more piece of the set.

Slave Pens, and Kiting FTT (For the Tie, baby!)

After all this, one of our mages wanted to go in to Heroic Slave Pens, so we partied up and went off and did it. I still need Cenarion reputation, so this was good for me.

At one point, we had a bad pull, and the tank went down. I was able to handle them by kiting, using frost and concussion as much as I could. I didn't realize at first what was going on, since it's been so long since i've done it, but I was doing my thing.  Run, jump shot, run some more, lay a trap, etc. I'm a littel fuzzy but I think the 2nd add got me, but I did get the first one!

Spec Spanking

My performance was better than it has been in recent times. I have elected to wait until after the expansion (I refuse the term "xpac" with every fiber of my being.) before I decide what to do about my spec, but in the mean time I went to the Auction House and replaced a few +crit gems with +agility, and switched from the gun to the bow. I think one thing that was killing me was my chest piece, which has +haste. With the faster fire rate of the bow, there is less clipping confusion. I am also managing my shot weaving by hand (I will not bind and spam, ever!) and thus keeping my mana up longer.

On Mags I was 7th overall DPS, 5th or so on damage. On Gruul I was 4th overall on damage. I am pleased. I may run Kara this weekend if fortune smiles on me, as that is the benchmark I am most familiar with.