Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, yesterday was an unmitigated disaster from just about every perspective as a user, but today things were stable enough that I was able to go out and have a little fun and get my dailies done.

One thing that I had to try was the barber. They have emo hair for Dwarves! Two styles, even. I also fluffed out the beard for that ZZ Top look.

As expected, I respecced deep Beast Master and took Beast Mastery, so an Exotic pet was on the radar.

Rhinos were out of the question, but I've had a bone to pick with Devilsaurs ever since I encountered them in Un'Goro as a wee 50's. So I set off looking for King Mosh, and encountered instead a white one. Given the number of other hunters I passed on the way in, i decided to go for this one.

Ladies and gentlemen, dwarves and gnomes, say hello to my latest team member: Rigel the Devilsaur. His turn ons are Defias Bandit Burgers and fresh belf. His turn offs are emo music and mean people.

Aye, he's a strange beastie, but he earns his keep. We plowed through Money Island like a hot knife through butter.