Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You gotta know your limitations

I've been following the ongoing mini-drama regarding mount speed trinkets ever since the first hints of change were found while data-mining patch files. These changes never manifested, sowing confusion.

Now there are indications that Blizzard is fairly well confused on the matter themselves.

Now, while I do not agree with the extremists on this - that Blizzard is reducing everyone to a gray blob with all the same skillset - sometimes I really do think they go out of the way to simply stop QQers from QQing (Problem is, of course, that QQers enjoy the attention more than anything - the topic of the QQ is merely a tool.) .

Case in point: the riding crop thing. A smart fellow (With a big gun) once said that "a man should know his limitations" in the same way that we might look at something and mutter "FAIL". Yep. Gotta know your limitations.

And the limitation is this: you have two trinket slots.


No more, no less.

Sure, I'd welcome 3 slots. Or four. Or ten. But two is the number, and the number shall be two.

Gamers work out optimum strategies to get around obstacles like this. They recognize what the limitations are, and then plan around them. Maybe even use them. They excel consistently (By which I mean, one might be the cat's pajamas this week, but next week when the exploit one relies on is gone? Well, that sets the real gamers apart from the script kiddies.) .

Everyone else ... QQs in the forums.

Know your limitations. Don't live in a fantasy world. Work with what you have, instead of what you wish you had.

And if they change the game ... your chance to excel depends on you giving up something you no longer have, and moving on to the new reality (Reality-based fantasy gaming?) .

Oh, I know that the QQers will never go away. But maybe we can save a few before it's too late.