Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night's Kara group picked up where K2 left off because a few people had locked in all thier 70s in an attempt to get Maiden down - K2 was rough, no doubt about it, though they did get Opera down.

The upshot is that we plowed through every remaining boss and one-shotted them all. Two evocates on Curator, did not get sheeped on Aran, so forth and so forth. The only one that gave us problems was Nightbane, and that's probably just settling-in business.

My performance there looks at lot better in a real-time damage meter than WWS reports, but considering the competition I'm not complaining. Our Guild Leader's frost mage was on top, and she's been gearing up for 3 years solid. The other is an enhancement shammy, but we know they're all OP, don't we? :)  Between the three of us we accounted for 60% of the damage last night, so that's no shame.

We finished so early that the raid decided to go on to Zul'Aman afterwards. This is the outcome:

That's right, that misshapen lump of fur behind us is Nalorakk, our first boss down as a guild.
  • We of course did not beat the timer, so that needs polishing.
  • Our pally forgot to swap out his equipment and got pasted. Nobody realized until after we went home. Poor guy!
  • Next time I am going to suggest that we "hug" him like we do Attumen to negate his charge. I moved in close on my own initiative, and after I did that, he didn't charge me once.

To victory!

/salute guildies