Friday, September 5, 2008

That's not the ride I was hoping for

A vacancy has opened up in our raiding rotation that we could ill afford to have. Our K2 lead tankadin (Who is also an officer) got frustrated with perceived slights against his priest, and killed it off completely, claiming "all anyone wants from him is to drag other toons through Kara to get them geared." Well phooey.  Naturally, he didn't share any of his feelings with anyone else prior to this happening. And he waited until two officers were on before doing the deed, even though he said nothing it was obvious he was looking to make a point.

Probably not the point he was trying to make, though.

As a result, Clan Grimmtooth is ceasing all operations not related to leveling myself to 70, including raiding, except those times that I need to rest. I will step up and replace the dead priest. And I will rub his nose in it at every opportunity.

We're seriously annoyed over here. We hate drama queens. He wants to go off and feel sorry for himself, fine. My recommendation to the guild is that we pick up and move on. No special accommodation. We do not negotiate with terrorists.


Right now, I'm Shadow spec, and will be until I hit 60 (should be tonight if all goes well). I had planned to go to Holy after this, but some people (Well, one people who may well be on this planet to punish me for something I did in a past life ) are giving me advice to stick to shadow. My counter is that I need the practice healing in the instances along the way. Said person figures I can be a cookie cutter of his priest and not have to actually know what I'm doing. Furbolgs! I can do better than that.

I will, however, do research on this. That never hurts.