Monday, September 1, 2008

Phase transitions

A few comments on today's events:
  • I believe I have completed the last quest that I can perform on my own. In this case it was the "Planting the Banner" quest line end quest. I was able to solo it with no effort at all.
  • This means that I am basically farming rep and cash at this point.
  • I have dropped the "Keeping the Enemy at Bay" quest because it is stupid. Specifically, you have to kill 6 mobs which are usually being chased down by 10 or more people, out of 18 possible mobs. The first part of the quest is stupid because it is entirely gratuitous.
  • I have found a quest that allows me to grind Consortium rep without conflicting with Karunai.
  • I have adopted a new pet. Say hello to Phuntard, a scorpid named after an ebayer on the Mannaroth server (or something like that). Phuntard is my PvP pet.
  • Next week I will probably get my stuff done early in the evening, at which point Jas will finish off the night.
  • Which means, I'm close to the point that I have to start grinding battlegrounds or just nap a lot.

In other words, I have a few quests left that involve grouping, and then that's it. I am at 17 and falling.

It is a milestone, however unobvious that may seem.