Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More gizmos than you can shake a stick at

There are times when I just want to climb up to the top of the tallest tree around and howl at the moon. Contemplating all the different things I need to master Engineering brings that feeling about. Several kinds of cloth, leather, and metal, with usually some sort of gem thrown in. My inventory is packed, and it's not getting better.

Grimm's got a new policy in place while Jas is on the fast track; we're each getting a day in the rotation, after Jas finishes up her work for the day. It's a pretty sweet deal, and I made as much of it as I could. I didn't reach level 42, but I got in a good day's work.

During my travels I happened upon a certain Marshal Windsor that was making his way to the Keep. I knew he was up to something when I heard Lady Katrana Prestor call out for his head. But the soldiers of Stormwind are not so easily swayed - they know Windsor, and no mere regent could change their feelings of loyalty towards this man.

When he arrived in the keep itself, he accused Prestor of being a dragon - Onyxia! - and he had proof! She shapeshifted right there and called for a diversion, then teleported out of the keep, leaving us to deal with her troops.

Well, "us" as in "Fordragon" Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, to be precise. If anyone tells you he doesn't have it in him, explain to them that they can go out and kill 12 of Onyxia's Black Dragonkin elite guardsmen at once themselves, if they think it's so easy. For myself...

... I got his autograph.

What a guy.


Anyway, I have thoughts on what is going on here when I consider a mission I recently ran for lady Jaina. An island off of Theramore, with Defias, Naga, and black dragons? I can't explain the Naga, but the other two make me think we might have a connection between the Defias and whatever it was that Lady Prestor - Onyxia - was trying to pull off. Perhaps King Wrynn is still alive. Maybe I've found a clue.

(OoC - we know that Wrynn returns in WotLK. We know that Prestor is gone and that Fordragon has moved on. So does this mean that the Onyxia quest line is coming to an end?)