Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Has anyone seen my druid? He's about this tall.

Last night, against my better judgement, I took a lowbie into Gnomeregan, and it ended in tears. But not in the way you might think.

Went something like this.

Need run through SM so I can make 30 and get my mount lol

It's late. But OK, won't take long. Anyone else want to go?

:: Silence ::

Right. OK, meet you at the stone.

Where's it at?

Uh, what?

Where's it at?

Where's what at?


:: sigh ::  Very well. Take the road out of shouth shore, take a left when you get to the main road, follow that road all the way around the lake, take the first dirt road north after you pass Undercity. Don't flag or I'll bury you right there.

Where's the closest flight point?

Western Plaguelands.

Where's that?

Your grave. Seriously, what's the closest flight point that you have in the north?


Uh. OK, plan B. Let's go to Gnomeregan.

Will I level?

You'll level.

lol OK I meet you there

Exterior: Illume mowing down leper Gnomes to prepare the way for a level 29 druid.

Interior: Illume clears path to elevator

Interior: Illume plowing through everything in sight

Can you speed it up?

Uh, what?

Can you speed it up. Don't you have Arcane Blast? ((I swear to the Light, this is verbatim.))

Sure do. You like watching me sit down and drink a lot?

No, but wouldn't it be faster?

Care to test that?

No, OK, fine, do it your way.

Interior: Illume kills things with frost, AoE grinds to the next to last boss. Druid continues to lament lack of speed even though we're having very little down time. Maybe once every five minutes.

Interior: Illume kills next to last boss.

Interior: Druid loots boss, walks to end of ramp, then DCs.

Interior: Illume waits five minutes, then completed instance. Druid still missing. Illume exits instance with bags bulging with cloth and greens to sell on AH.

I still don't know if he did it on purpose, but I'm too much of a cynic to say it was accidental, yet. But this has severely put me off of running lowbies through instances "to level" ever again. My initial reaction was probably the correct one: Get off your furry butt and do it like I did.