Monday, September 15, 2008

And so it begins

As you may have heard, the official release date for WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King) has been announced, and it is November 13, 2008, just under 2 months from now. All the kewl kids will be crowing if they guessed even within the same millennium (Jeanne Dixon is alive and well in the WoW Blogosphere), or feigning indifference if they didn't.

Unfortunately I was in my "can't be bothered to care about WoW" stage at the time and can't recall how the delay for BC went down, whether they announced a release date and then changed it up, but I'm guessing that they're pretty committed at this point for LK (Lich King, an even shorter acronym for those of us that can't be arsed to type out five sequential letters).

One camp I will not be part of this time around is the "who cares it all changes in Wrath (A non-acronym for those that can't stand acronyms but can't be arsed to type out Wrath of the Lich King over and over)" crowd. Tonight, Jasra logs in and maybe gets her BF run (More on that later) as planned, and so on.  We play because we enjoy it. The coming release of LK cannot deter me from getting my regular fix.

Some things are frightening, though.

First of all, I've been reading the open beta bloggers same as you probably have been, so I know what a frightening mess the game is. Some of the stuff we're expecting hasn't even been seen yet, much less declared stable (Hello, new dances? Where are you?) . Some things are downright un stable (On which BRK has a hilarious take). And so much content yet to get up! (Am I right in that Naxx is just now going live?)

Add to that stack of concerns the following: this thing's going down in two stages.

Again, if you've been tracking this, you know that the Public Test Realm (PTR, in a curious game of acronym reversal)  is going live with a version 3.0.2 test bed, that has a lot of the new stuff but none of the new content, and that the intent is for that to be rolled out prior to LK's release.

Which means, simply put, that they have to have a huge chunk of work done before the release of LK, and it has to be stable. There has to be time to get settled, roll out an emergency patch if necessary, and so forth.

What this means to me: new stuff could be as close as 30 days from how.