Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well, as long as you had fun

By all that is Light and all that is in Shadow, last night was an unusual Kara run and that's no lie.

Following last week's 5:30 clear of Kara, we set out to repeat the feat. There were a few hurdles.

Missing Peeps - One of our core players was gone on family business, and guild attendance was thin at the appointed time. So we started out 9-manning the front half and later picked up a mage that we have run with before.

Spec Spankings - I respecced Affliction (43/0/18) following some research into someone else's spec in which she was pulling ~1000 DPS in close to the same gear as myself. Conclusion: I suck as a raiding Affliction lock. Either that or I didn't give it enough time, but it was pretty frightening. So I withdrew and let Grimm fill in on the front half while I ran back to Stormwind and respecced. My overall DPS was down 200-300 tics from where it should be, and yet my AoE spells were pulling off the tanks like they didn't even exist. I died three times before we got to Moroes. Two undergeared hunters were handing my ass to me in a cookie jar. And have I mentioned how humiliating it is to be out-DPS-ed by an MM hunter? ((When Grimm came in to replace my anemic butt, he showed 'em how it's done. Held up our end, as it were.))

Game Faces: Missing. We were having a terrible time getting our game on, collectively. Bad pulls, Leeroy Jenkenses, and inexplicably angry warlock pets((Apparently both myself and our other lock were in PvP previously, so when we summoned our Felhunters to kill off for the mana bucket - they charged Aran. Twice, before we figured out what was going on. This is the origin of the term FAIL Hound, in case historians become curious later on.)) all lead to many wipes.

Regardless, we managed to clear all but 1 boss (Nightbane, who killed us at least 6 times), but it took us 7 hours - Seven! Highlights:
  • Nightbane was three-putted.
  • Curator went down possibly the fastest we've ever seen - two evocates and then we burned him down.
  • It was messy, but Illhoof was one-shotted.
  • Aran was 3-putted after the FAIL hound incidents.
  • Netherspite mocks us.
  • Price was 3-putted, same reason: bad infernal drops.

On Prince: the 2nd round was pretty good, actually, with the whole team lasting well into phase 3 with bad drops all around. We adapted and overcame one bad drop after another, but in the end it was too difficult for the healers to both find a place to be safe and keep the tank alive.

When we downed him, everybody died as he did, as an infernal dropped right on top of him as as he hit 1%. In the end I was useless because of the spell pushback from the infernals.

Fortunately, nobody really lost thier perpective during all this; we kept a sense of humor and they were very forgiving of my little faux pas with my spec.

It was nice to be back on Destro; those 5K crits do me good. On the back half of the instance, I was pulling around 800 dps, as opposed to the anemic 525 I got on Afflic. Yay me.