Friday, August 29, 2008

Q and Q (Again)

One clarification on my most recent post: as pointed out by krizzleybear, one would be more likely to use fire blast or ice lance for a killsteal rather than rank 1 frostbolt. Well. I did pull that out of my ... shard bag. As expected, it went awry.

(Note to self: next time, assume someone will actually read what you write, and do some of that "research" stuff they talk about in the Kirin Tor).

Now back to your irregularly scheduled rant.

Wow, no wonder the rest of the WoW community hates warlocks - if one could harness the energy put into the collective QQ of this class over gameplay changes, we could move Earth into a higher orbit and avoid that whole global warming ickyness.

I'm referring obliquely to what is more directly referred to here. Changes will be made to buff and debuff stacking (well, yes, they told us a few weeks ago). These changes make it so that specific effects cannot be excesively stacked.

Obviously ... affliction warlocks are the intended target of this hateful move by Blizzard omg omg o noez ....

Or ... another way of looking at this ... maybe affliction-leaning warlocks have been taking advantage of loopholes for a while now? Possible? Yes?

It's been a running joke that locks are OP; like most long running jokes, that has a basis in fact. Much like Rogue stun-locking (which will likely get nerfed, too, I bet you a soulstone), an affliction-based lock can keep you running all over the place and taking damage without actually having to get close to you. You might not ever land a blow before you died, and that's when you're evenly matched.

Maybe ... just maybe ... some of this will become counterbalanced by showing some love for the Affliction tree that makes it (a) a viable DPS slot-filler in raids, and (b) still survivable and PvP-able without being invincible.

It could happen.

I look forward to the changes; it will be fun trying to figure out how to squeeze the most from the new build again. Maybe it will suck - I'm sure Blizz will work something out eventually. Remember when Frost wasn't viable at all for mages?

True story.
Lady Sylvanis was leading her armies into battle when they came across a Warlock's home. She hailed the warlock and demanded he join with them.

He sneered, "Only if you can defeat me in battle, for surely I will not join with anyone inferior to myself."

"What nerve!" she exclaimed, and then motioned for a couple of large goons to go in and "convince" him to join.

There was a commotion, and then nothing. Then, the warlock poked his head out the window and said "Oh, you'll have to do much better than that."

Outraged, she sent in a whole battalion. After the dust settled, the warlock jeered at her, "Let me know when you're about to get serious!"

"That's it!" she snapped, and motioned her captains to send in over half the army. Again, an epic battle was fought, and in the end, one lone soldier came staggering out. He collapsed at his Queen's feet, and gasped out: "My lady, it's a trap! There are two warlocks in there!"

I wonder how high you can stack Siphon Life, anyway?