Monday, August 18, 2008

That's how we do that

What's better than clearing Kara completely? Why, clearing it in one sitting! That's right, we took on every boss in order from Attumen to Prince, and downed them all. Total run time was around 5.5 hours, which is longer than I hear that the big l33t guilds do it, but considering our last clear was over three sessions, I don't care.

Not to say there weren't a few moments, of course.

The run up to Attumen felt like it was going to break loose at any moment, though Attumen himself went well. Moroes required at least one wipe to do right, and even there one of our number was taking mobs in the wrong order. Maiden went down just fine, and Opera was Romulo and Julliane, and that went pretty as you please, no complaints there.

Then we hit our first real challenge; Nightbane. In our first ever clear, Night was the last one we tackled. This time, we did not flinch and attacked him in the order it was intended.

I am still not sure about my approach during skelly drops - I just spam SoC and rain down fire as fast as posslble. I still get a lot of pushback and we occasionally lose someone actually important, like a priest, so I need to do some reading to see if I need to change tactics.

Curator was one-shotted, though not as fast as we usually do it. Illhoof was also one-shotted, but disaster almost struck when I realized I had the wrong macro in my action bar, but either the group took up the slack or my recovery was smoother than expected. Our off tank had some problems managing Kil'Rek but generally got him back in the right place, and we all lived, with 5 seconds on the enrage timer!

The last bit of Aran was five-manned ... I don't understand how, but a bunch of us did not get sheeped and as a result one of us got hammered by the elementals, with no support in place. In the end we had the other lock, a mage, two metal heads, and a healer still standing.

As usual we took a little bit of a beating from Netherspite, but on our third try we got him. It was a close thing, with two or three people that were not used to the fight - but they learned ...

Nobody got killed by Chess.

Prince and his infernal drops was as usual very annoying, especially since in both cases, there were safe zones we could have gone to if only everyone hadn't been convinced that it was a wipe before it even happened. Unfortunately we don't have a reference system so unless it's "by the door", nobody will be able to suss it. (On the other hand, the clear spot in the second wipe was "by the door" but nobody was prepared to go there.) That we need to work harder on.

But otherwise, a very pleasing run.

By the numbers: in raw DPS, I was ahead of the other warlock, and top of the chart, though his overall damage output was higher. Darned if I know how that works. The thing is, though, that previously he would outstrip my DPS, as well. He appears to have changed spec somewhat, and was using Incinerate in between shadowbolts. Unless you are fire specced, Incinerate is pretty useless, especially if you do not use Immolate on the victim first. We also had a few confusing moments on who was doing what curse, though in the end he stuck with CoA and I with CoE.

I am generally pleased with my performance in this raid. Our frost mage GL will still outstrip me without working at it, but that's OK - she's geared like a minor diety. I'll work on that. The funny thing is that I don't feel like I'm rocking the house so much, and have considered an alternate spec at some point, but I'm still undecided on that.

Right now I'm looking at my performance and Grimm's in K2 and wondering how to fit Grimm back into the grid. He lacks the AoE usefulness that I have, and that makes him problematic for bosses like Illhoof and Nightbane. Without two more locks, Grimm is probably not going to see those fights for a long time, at least until we can bring up another lock.

The GL said last night that she's probably going to start recruiting again, now that we've cleared Kara, so this may change. Believe it or not, we actually do need reliable DPS people, as well as healz. Going to be a tough sell, with so many guilds giving it up until WotLK.

I hear that the guild that formed from the defectors from our guild has a hunter in it that named himself "bunnykicker". You stay classy, > ...