Thursday, August 21, 2008

Take the first step.

What I saw on this journey -
I saw history go down.
I cannot pretend
That the heartache falls away.
It's just like a river;
It's never ending.
-- "Illume", Fleetwood Mac, Say You Will*

We've all been a bit bruised since Sunday; events left a bad taste in our collective mouths. It was not a good raid.

We love raiding. So it says something that we wanted the night off for K2 if at all possible. However, we do not play blackmail games; we made it clear that, if needed, one of us would come.

There weren't enough bodies for it to happen without one of the clan, though, so the GL asked me to come.

Me? I'm not even keyed!

Just for the first boss or so, she said. Well, OK .... Grimmtooth is parked in Darkshire just in case. I really expected we'd need him.

I was pleasantly surprised at how it went. Oh, it was obvious we were short on DPS; things took much longer to go down. But the healing was good, and the tankage was good, for the most part, so with a few miscues we were able to take Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden down. It was decided that doing the Retribution Dance was probably not going to work for the priest, and I found out quickly that, no, I am not Flora or Grimm and can't really take that kind of abuse without dedicated healz.

Stats-wise, I was averaging a bit over 500 dps, 2nd ahead of a warlock that was just behind me. Of course, the gap between me and our GM was 250 or so DPS - an 11th raider's worth, so there's not much in the way of e-peen to be had there.

No phat mage lewt dropped - well, Moroes dropped the belt, but our priest needed it more than me - that's his main, I'm 3rd string.

The biggest thing about this evening, though, was that I think we're back into a raiding frame of mind. I feel much better. As always, I <3 my GM for that sort of thing.


* To satisfy some curiosity out there, the source of my name.