Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sometimes you *can* come home again

Well, after last week's revelation that the apple of me eye was trampin' around with other dorfs (and not even purebred, if take my meanin'), I was at a loss as to where to go. Sure, I had an invite from Lady V, but I was having a hard time getting together enough friends to properly solo her, if you get me drift.

So in me mailbox this morning was a note:

She was never any good for you. Come see older sister. All is forgiven.

Bring your staff.

-- I.

P.S. Bring the cat, too.

My heart leapt just a wee little bit. I recognized that handwriting, chiseled as it were into the paper. To be truthful, I had been thinking fondly of the old girl for some time this week, but thought the wounds were too deep for either of us to ever get back together.

Not so.

I was in such a hurry to run back to her that I even forgot to empty me bags of this week's Kara loot.

Well, as usual her groupies weren't too fond of me showing up, and tried to thwart me at every turn. We made short work of them, though, and finally I found myself before the little city, and took my staff and firmly set it into its receptacle.

She was waitin and charged immediately. For a moment, I just watched as she and Random mixed it up before rushing madly into her embrace.

Later, we lay on the cool, sandy floor and watched the patterns on the ceiling (they change if you squint yer eyes) and talked out our lingering issues a bit. We aren't resolved by a long shot, but we have an understandin'.

Plus, a date!

Life, again, is good. And little sister can just go play with her concubines, the hussy. Ironaya ... waited for me!