Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Ship of State hit a sandbar. Sorry.

Tonight was the Kara2 event under my none-too-steady hand. My main role: getting the toons together; I was even prepared to relinquish my slot if I over-invited.

Unfortunately, I didn't over-invite and we ended up four bodies short, all DPS. We eventually filled in with four puggers: a priest, a hunter (who was in mostly greens), a rogue, and a warlock.

We did Attumen quite well, in my opinion. One death on the way in, but overall it went pretty well. One epic drop on the way to Moroes, and we two-putted him.

Maiden ... ah, Maiden. Two attempts, two wipes, and then three of our number (including our own arms/fury warrior) suddenly had somewhere else to be. The pug hunter and warlock had never done Maiden, and had no idea HOW to do her. They suggested that we go on to Opera. My response: "No. We bring down Maiden, or we fail." I was totally serious on that. Maiden is not just a gear check; she's also a group check. If the group is so broken that it can't follow the very simple instructions that come with this boss, then it doesn't deserve whatever drops from the Crone, or BBW, or whatever.

Maybe I'm a hardass, but maybe I don't care.

Our priest for the evening was one that we have pugged with before. She was quite strident about my poor judgement in bringing in a hunter that was mostly greens. So what? We had a rogue that was mostly purples that was barely staying ahead of this hunter. But not only that .. we were pugging. You can't be too picky. And to his credit, as we explained things, he went "ooooh..." and then followed up with appropriate strategy or whatever. I've had all too many experiences with epic-geared retards that can't be bothered to learn a fight.

Her input into most fights was a litany of things she could not do. She could not shackle the Moroes fight and heal too. She never had heard of the "run into Maiden's aura" method of waking yourself up during Repentance. She couldn't keep people healed and cleansed. She couldn't ... well. All Kara purples on her bod, but she can't do anything that any of our healers can do. Ptoo.

So: while our troup failed to meet my modest goal of getting to Opera, it did fairly well considering the makeup, and did as well as the prime group on Moroes, to be perfectly honest. I'm trying to avoid tooting my own horn here, but we did a lot better than I expected when we started. I'm sure it had nothing to do with me, but it happend on my watch so I am pleased.

Consider me bloodied.