Monday, August 25, 2008

The pretties no one notices

Like any good rogue, I know when to lie low, but this is ridiculous. How long's it been, anyway? Weeks, at least. But the clan "elders" are trying to come up with ways to get us all out to play. At issue is our Autumn festival gathering in Southshore. Right now, Fai and Yar are probably going to need escorts to get there. Way to kill a party, gals.

Enough of that.

I did get to come out and play a bit yesterday because my bank was getting entirely too full of things which included lockboxes. I really needed to crack a few open just to get them out of the bank, and get whatever was in them, into circulation. I needed to get my lock picking from 142 to 175 somehow.

Off the coast of Desolace is a place that has a lot of waterlogged chests on the ocean floor. Illume tossed me some water breathing potions in exchange for ... well, other services ... and I was off.

While I was there, I noticed this (click for large image).

Now, it's a natural thing; methane forms under the mud and then bubbles out of the silt. But how many people have seen this? I have to wonder. Relatively few, I imagine. And yet, we have this detail off the coast near Ethel Rethor.

Pretty spiffy.

See you when I see you.