Sunday, August 31, 2008

Over the Threshold

Yesterday I started on the final stretch to get into Outlands and popped 58 right near the end of the time allotted me. I delayed in Ironforge for a few moments to train and re-equip myself with new items that I was now fortunate enough to be able to use.

I had been discussing my mana problems with another follower of the Light and she suggested that I start stacking spirit more than other attributes, especially regeneration-geared items. The items I equipped yesterday come from that variety, and appear to be helping a little.

Naturally, I didn't labor towards 58 just to go home. Once equipped and trained, I began the long trek to the Dark Portal. I still remember when the area all around this was a swamp. Now it's not only not a swamp, but it looks like mages were testing fireballs there with Warlocks counterattacking. It's pretty bleak.

Once there, a kind warrior flagged me down and asked me to speak with a fellow on the other side of the portal, since I was going that way. Thus bearing a message, I departed this world.

Frightening, when put that way.

The "other side", when put that way, is fairly disappointing. More bleakness. Don't demons like green? Is Argus a desert planet?

One thing that was not disappointing was that a giant demon was charging me up the steps as soon as I stepped out. I leaped aside, only to be ignored as he charged for the portal itself!  I'll not forget that sight soon!

I was there! The kind dwarf gave me further instructions to report to another fellow in Honor Hold (I like that name!) and off I went on gryphonback. Once I got there, I was run through the usual military hierarchy, but eventually delivered all I needed to and greeted all I was supposed to.

The final leg of the journey is the most harrowing. I had to go across Hellfire to Zangarmarsh to Terrokar to get to Shattrath City.  The Ravagers between Hellfire and Zangarmarsh almost undid me, but at the last moment the guards at Cenarian rescued me.

So I'm here! I have a hearthstone in Shattrath City now, and eventually, when I hit 60, I'll return and start the long climb to level 70.